Hole 4

Hole #4/ #13 

353 yards -Par 4 White tees 
358 yards – Par 4 Blue tees

353 yards – Par 4 Red tees
358 yards – Par 4 Yellow tees

  • Accuracy off the tee is most advantageous on this hole. About 140 yards from the tee box, the fairway drops sharply downward and at the bottom of the hill, 140-150 yards from the green, are ball-eating creeks on the left and right edges of the fairway. As well, the bushes to the right delight in gobbling up wildly aimed golf balls!
  • The approach shot is no less demanding. The green is a small target on top of the hill, is often a blind shot and always 1-2 clubs longer than the distance indicates. If you come up short of the flag, the false front could have your ball roll off the green, yet if you are too aggressive your ball may go out of bounds

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